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Step 1 – Compare online

We work with the best insurance companies to offer our clients the opportunity to compare insurance policies online.

Step 2 – Check out online

No need to fill out unnecessary forms, just submit your details online and our Customer Service makes sure you’ll get your policy.

Step 3 – Free Delivery

We will deliver the policy for free within Nairobi, if needed within 24 hrs. Payment is done on delivery through cash or Mpesa.

Step 4 – Claims Support

Buying insurance should be easy. Making a claim as well! With our online reporting process we make it fast and easy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do we add any charges on our prices?

No, the premiums displayed on the quotations are obtained directly from the insurance companies. Even better, we have negotiated for the cheapest rates for our clients.

Can I pay my Premiums in Installments?

Yes, you can. You can pay 50% of the premium upfront and the insurance company will issue a 1 month policy sticker which is extended fully once you pay the remaining balance.

What is covered on the policy?

Once you look for a quotation here, you should be able to view all the items covered under the motor policy, together with a description of the limits offered by the cover. We recommend that you select the optional extensions like courtesy car, excess protector and political violence cover, to ensure maximum coverage.

Will you handle my claims?

Yes, we will. Our experienced staff will process your claims for you, as soon as we have received all the details and documentation of the claim. Our aim is to ensure that you are back on the road, as quickly as possible.

What documents are required?

After reviewing the quotations and making an order, we will need a copy of national ID/Passport, Car Logbook and KRA Pin Number. This documents will be remitted to the insurance company to process the insurance certificate/sticker. You can submit the documents through the website or our email address.

How quickly will i get my policy?

We will deliver the sticker with 24 hours, once we have received your order and completed documentation. Payment is done upon delivery, through cash or Mpesa. You may also opt to pay for the policy directly to the insurance company, then after confirmation from the insurance company, we’ll deliver the certificate/sticker. The Policy document will be delivered to you as soon as it is processed by the insurance company.


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