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Motor insurance companies in Kenya offer different types of insurance covers. The cheapest is the third party cover, which only covers the damage you do to other cars. The most extensive is the comprehensive cover, which protects you for a variety of hazards. We highlight the most important differences in motor insurance here.

Third party only cover (TPO)

This is the compulsory minimum motor insurance you should have in order to drive your car legally on the roads of Kenya. A third party motor insurance (often called third party only or TPO) covers you against the damage you might do onto another car or the harm you do onto another person. It covers the liability for bodily injury or death of another person, or the damage to another car or property. A third party cover does not cover any damage done to yourself or your own car. If you want to protect yourself and your own car, consider one of the options below.

Want To Compare Insurance?

Third party Fire & Theft

As the name already indicates, this insurance covers everything under a third party insurance, and adds fire and theft to it. In case your car is caught by fire, or your motor is stolen, the insurance company will recover the costs. This is based on the car value you have insured, which you have provided when you bought the insurance. Read more about this cover here. Although theft and fire are one of the most common causes of car damage in Kenya, it does not provide extensive coverage for other sources of damage, like a broken window, damage due to vandalism, and medical expenses. For a full coverage, a comprehensive insurance policy is the best option and often not much more expensive compared to Third Party Fire & Theft.

Comprehensive motor insurance

A comprehensive insurance cover covers almost everything what can happen to you, your car or the damage you do to others. Compared to Third Party and Third Party Fire & Theft, a comprehensive cover includes hazards like windscreen and sunroof damage, medical expenses, damage due to storm, flooding or vandalism. Comprehensive insurance also have a lot of optional items, such as the liability towards passengers, the loss of personal belongings, etc. With comprehensive insurance, you are sure of protection for the large majority of common hazards which can happen while driving a car.

What does Afrinsure advice?

If your car is worth more than Ksh 500,000, we recommend to take comprehensive insurance. Rates start at 3.5%. This means that without comprehensive insurance, you have to be free of any incident for 28 years. With the traffic situation in Kenya, and especially Nairobi, we don’t think that is realistic. The decision is up to you. Get some help with our comparison tool.

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