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Technology has done a lot for the Kenyan economy, more and more people prefer to compare and shop for goods online. Insurance has now joined the rank of services people now shop for online. Here are some of the benefits you can expect while buying an insurance policy online:

Save Time & Effort

Unlike the old laborious system of calling each insurer or visiting them physically, you can now easily check and compare insurance policies online using your Mobile Phone, PC or Laptop, within a few minutes and make an order. Infact on Afrinsure you only take less than a minute to compare insurance quotes.

Get More Benefits at a Lower Premium

No matter how loyal you may be to a certain company, what matters most at the end of the day, is the price and the ability of the insurer to deliver on their promise. Due to ignorance, many people believe that only certain companies are able to do this. The good thing about doing a comparison is that you easily check and confirm how much it would cost and how a company is rated in handling claims. Companies like Afrinsure have a team of experts who can provide with industry data on companies that pay claims in Kenya.

Simplicity of Information

One of the big issues people have with buying insurance is the technical jargon used. At the end of the day, most people will buy a policy without fully understanding it. This is no longer the case, while buying insurance at Afrinsure, the information is captured in an easy to understand manner and you can easily compare what each company has to offer. Therefore, at the end of it all you will make a more informed decision.

Simple Buying Process

Another challenge people have to contend with is the huge proposal forms, which ask for a lot of details and may not necessarily contribute to the underwriting process. Afrinsure aims to change this, by making the process a lot easier and quicker, capturing only what is required by the insurance companies to process an insurance policy.

Online Assistance

Afrinsure is not just limited to sales, but also provide after sales services such claims assistance , information on products, reminders on policy renewals and any other insurance related issues.

Get Fun Extras

You hardly ever get anything by buying a policy from an insurer directly, which is sad. However, Afrinsure aims to keep customers happy and is always looking for ways to reward loyal customers. For instance, you can get a discount on your purchase or a gift voucher and many more free benefits.

Your customer service and competitive rates on car insurance is excellent and you keep the personal touch. For me this is very important. I will always recommend you to my friends.

Robert K

Motor Insurance Customer

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