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Are you a good driver? Did you know that soon you stand to pay lower insurance premiums once a proposal from the National Transport and Safety Authority is effected. It plans to start sharing information on drivers with insurance companies. Drivers with a bad record would have their insurance premiums go up, but good drivers like you would have lower insurance premiums. The new generation driving licences in July of this year. The police will use mobile devices that have the capability to read the licences to record an offence or an occurrence. Once keyed in, a record will be stored and accessed on  the transport integrated management system (TIMS), which has been developed by NTSA and other stakeholders like Insurance companies. Kenyans will have time to replace their old licenses, as the final phase take place in the third year. The ICT Director at NTSA, Mr Wangila, indicated that insurance companies and other stakeholders would be granted access to drivers’ data, only within the parameters of the law. The smart licence,would have the profile and history of the vehicle’s owner as a driver, including the traffic incidents and offences they have been involved in. Insurance companies will use such information to determine if you are a risky or a good driver. This will in turn determine if you will pay a higher or lower premium.

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The new licence is the size of an ATM card. Not only will it hold your driving history, it will also hold money to pay for the services offered by NTSA and other government agencies. As a holder you can load cash to it so that you can use it to pay for fines if you are caught on the wrong side of the law. This will also help curb corruption. However the Traffic Act does not allow payment of  instant fines for some traffic offences as well as paying fines electronically. Policy makers will be involved in amending some parts of the traffic act. Get some help with our comparison tool.