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A guide on how to claim at an insurance company

For a long time now, cases of settling insurance claims in Kenya have always been very stressful leading to commotions between the insurer and the insured. After an accident, the prospect of dealing with an insurance company becomes more stressful than even the accident itself. This is because most Kenyan motorists fail to understand the Dos and Don’ts after an accident. To help you understand how to process a claim with an insurance company, we have created this guide to offer you the information that will help you file a solid claim.

Steps to follow when filing a motor insurance claim
An insurance claim is often filed in the event of an accident. To ensure that your claims are paid out fast and smoothly, this guide will offer essential steps to follow during the process. While these steps vary depending with the state, the following guide lays much focus to Kenyan policies.

Step 1– before filing an insurance claim, ensure that all your premiums are paid for in full. In case you have a pending balance you haven’t cleared, the insurer may be reluctant or may never settle your claims since you’ve already violated the agreement as stated in the policy document.

Step 2– immediately after the accident, mark the exact positions of the vehicles, by taking photos of the accident, to avoid nullifying your claim incase the other motorist decides to run away. At this point, it’s not wise to accept any form of liability whatsoever.

Step 3– call the police immediately to assess the condition of the accident. At this point, it’s important that you get an abstract and an inspection report as they’re essential documents which will be needed to strengthen your claim.

Step 4– contact your insurance agent/broker immediately. Most insurance companies in Kenya allow a period of seven days within which you’re required to inform them about the accident. After informing your insurance agent/broker about the accident, get ready to fill a claim form, which will request for the following information:

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  • Which type of vehicle was involved in the accident?
  • Who drove it?
  • Where was the accident and at what time?
  • How serious was the accident?
  • Insurance information of the other driver.
  • Were there witnesses or other people involved?

Step 5 – after your insurance broker/agent is fully aware of the accident, you can proceed to take your car to any garage recommended by the insurer.

Step 6 – after your insurance broker/agent sends an adjuster to survey the damages caused to your car, you’ll need to provide the following documents to your insurance company:

  • Your claim form.
  • An abstract/an inspection report from the police.
  • A duplicate of your driving license.

After your claim is verified, your insurance company will give an order for your car to be repaired. Now, in case of any excess costs, you’ll have to pay for them yourself before your car is released back to you.

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