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Shopping on Afrinsure is very easy. Many of our customers appreciate how we have made it easy for them to compare policies in 1 minute and eventually place an order. Here is a simple guide that will help you shop faster on Afrinsure. We have a dedicated customer care team that can help just in-case you experience any problem shopping online.

1. Once you are on the Afrinsure page, place your cursor/mouse on “Motor”, then click on the Compare Insurance button. Here is a screenshot to help you further.






2. At this stage you Afrinsure only requires you to submit your Gender, Insurance cover type, Value of vehicle and the year of manufacture. Click on the button labelled “Compare Policies”.





3. Guess what now you are in the results page where you can compare policies from different companies based on the information you had filled out and selected. That wasn’t so hard, didn’t take you more than a minute to compare policies.Now Click on the button labelled “Add Benefits and Buy” on the policy you have settled to buy.






4. To filter the prices, please select the drop-down on your left and sort by either highest – lowest price or vice versa. If you may have not put in the correct value, no worries, just click on Change search criteria and you can start a new search within seconds.



5. Once you have clicked on the “Add Benefits & Buy” button, you will be redirected to the product details page containing information on your desired policy. Here you can add optional benefits like Courtesy Car, Road Rescue, Political Violence & Terrorism (PVT), Excess Protector, Riot, Strike & Civil Commotion. You can even increase payout on ATM Withdrawals, Windscreen damage etc. Click on the button labelled “Buy” once satisfied. Always remember that you can the Afrinsure dedicated customer care line or Chat with us online if you get stuck.






6. The next step is where you fill out your basic personal details. Fill out all the required sections and then click on the button labelled “Proceed” to move to the next section.









7. Three options will appear in the next step. What you choose will determine what will happen next. Here is an explanation of what each choice means.

Call me back for completing my order – This means that Afrinsure customer care team will call you to assist you to complete your order.
I want Afrinsure to call me after uploading my documents – This means that you will upload your documents in the next step i.e. Logbook, National ID and KRA Pin. After you have uploaded them, Afrinsure customer care team will call you. In case you may not have all the documents at this stage, don’t worry, we will call you and direct you on how you can send those to us once you have them in your possession.
I fill out the application online – This involves two steps. The first is to fill out some more information on yourself i.e. If you are employed/retires/self employed, Delivery Address, Current motor insurance policy and company etc. You will also upload documents like your National ID, KRA Pin copy and your logbook.









8. The last step of will only apply to those who chose to fill out their application online, you will be given a summary of your order. Once satisfied, Agree to our terms and Conditions and subscribe for our newsletter which is made in heaven, okay maybe not, but it contains insider information that the insurance companies want to get a hold of every time we publish one. Click on the button labelled “Confirm” to place your order successfully.









At Afrinsure we strive to make sure that our processes are tailored to for you. We can’t make it fun, but we can make it easy. Welcome to the Afrinsure family. Remember that we have a dedicated customer care line and you can chat with us online or send an email when you need assistance.