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When a child is born, the occasion is normally associated with an abundance of happiness and joy to both the parents and family. Ceremonies are conducted and celebrations are held to honor the newly born child.

It is very important to get health insurance for your child/children. Children, aged 1 month to 20yrs are regarded as dependents. Health insurance cover consists of both inpatient and outpatient cover.

Here are some reasons why health insurance for your child/children is important:

  • Children get sick often and more than adults
  • There are numerous things that can only be detected by a doctor which affect children
  • Children are prone to injury when they are young
  • Children have weak immune systems, that is why they are susceptible to colds and other air borne viruses

Can a child be insured? Yes, those who are aged 1 month-20yrs are considered as children.

How do I get a health insurance for my child? Afrinsure has great offers on health insurance for your child from APA Insurance. Click on the Compare now below to check rates or contact an agent on 0703-222111 for free advice.

Can I get Health insurance only for my child? Yes, with an APA Afya Nafuu or APA Jamii Plus cover, this is possible.


What benefits will my child get through the Health cover? Here are some of the things to expect:

  • It is affordable – You can pay in installments
  • Bed charges: Accommodation expenses during the child’s stay in the hospital, whether in the ward, HDU or   ICU.
  • Doctors’ fees: All doctor-related charges, including those for physicians, surgeons, anesthetists and specialists for visits and consultations.
  • Drugs: All medicines prescribed for speedy recovery.
  • Diagnostics: Including laboratory tests, X-rays, ultrasounds, MRI and CT Scans.
  • Accommodation costs for 1 parent staying in hospital with insured child under 8 years
  • Outpatient cover can be added as an optional benefit.
  • Local ambulance to hospital for emergency cases

What are the average prices of Health Insurance for children? Below is a table showing what you should expect to pay if you take up the cover for your child. Prices indicated are for inpatient covers with an APA Afya Nafuu Cover.

Type Limit (Ksh) Price (Ksh)
Affluent 1,000,000 9,417
Executive 750,000 7,788
Standard 500,000 6,727
Select 300,000 6,115
Mwanachi 100,000 5,500


Very few parents start securing the child’s future during this early stage. Make sure you get your child/children, Health Insurance early. This will help you not to anticipate any health challenges that may come along the way. At Afrinsure, We can’t make it fun, but we can make it easy. Payment plans are available to help you pay without depleting your earnings. Let the experts at Afrinsure guide you on your needs.

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