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Medical insurance plays a big role in safeguarding an individual’s finances in the event that they get ill and need to access a medical facility. There is nothing as scary as ending up in hospital with an exorbitant medical bill and not being able to pay it. This is even more difficult for senior citizens, since most insurance companies will cover an individual once they pass age 60. Fortunately, there are some insurance companies which are willing to offer this service to senior citizens. Here are some of the common issues you should look for, while shopping around for such a policy.

The Sum Insured (inpatient and outpatient)

With advancing age comes the risk of developing medical conditions and therefore the need to get a higher a limit on a medical cover. The inpatient limit takes care of medical bills, upon admission to a hospital while an outpatient limit will take care of medical bills without admission to a hospital.

The Coverage

It is important to ensure that the health insurance cover is able to cover a broad range of illnesses, particularly critical illnesses like cancer, organ transplants, home nursing, physiotherapy, and so on.  You should also look out for the limit for pre-existing or hereditary conditions like diabetes, asthma, hypertension, and so on.

Wide Hospital Network

A good senior citizen plan should be able to cover the medical bills for the hospital that are close to where they live, as well as the more specialized and costly hospitals that may be further away. It is therefore important to consider the hospital panel list offered by a medical plan before you procure it. Some plans maybe be cheaper but will offer a limited number of hospitals in their panel list.

Ready to Compare Insurance

Entry and Renewal Age Limit

You should look at the entry age limit for every medical cover. Some companies have a low age restriction, when you can join a cover (typically age 60) while others like APA insurance and UAP go all the way up to 75 and 80 years respectively. Another issue to look for is whether you can continue to enjoy the cover as you grow older. Some companies will cut you off once cross a certain age while others will continue to cover you for life.

The Premium and Other Costs

Because senior citizens pose a higher level of risk to insurance companies, their premiums are usually priced higher. However, each company has its own set of rules how price this risk. Therefore, you should always ensure to compare the premiums charged by different companies to save money. Another issue to consider is whether they are additional charges for using the cover, like co-pay charges. Co-pay charge means that the insured person will cater for a portion of the medical bills on outpatient basis.

Health Insurance plans for seniors

Listed below are some of the best insurance plans for senior citizens available in the market:

  1. UAP-OLDMUTUAL-Afyaimara seniors medical plan-Joining age 65 to 80 years
  2. APA INSURANCE-JAMII PLUS medical plan-Joining Age 1 month to 75 years
  3. APA INSURANCE-AFYA NAFUU medical plan- Joining Age 1 month to 75 years