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Pregnancy is an important time in the life of women. The cost involved during this period is very high. It is for this reason, that it is very important to have Health Insurance with a Maternity cover. Maternity cover is one of the most essential health benefits that must be covered by health insurance plans.

Planning to have a child?

Here is what to expect: Prenatal visits, Consultation, Scans, Supplements, Natural birth/Scheduled CS/Emergency CS, Postnatal visits (Free at government hospitals)

What is the best time to get a Maternity cover?

Maternity cover needs to be planned in advance due to waiting periods. It is difficult to access cover when already pregnant. Most companies have a 10 month waiting period before you can use your maternity cover. It is better to be ready.

What is the difference between an inbuilt and Optional maternity cover?

An inbuilt maternity cover is part of the package that comes with your insurance cover. It is advisable to check whether your insurance cover has this in the package. If it lacks maternity cover then the second point below would work well for you.

An Optional maternity cover is where you pay separately for maternity cover if your insurance does not cover it, or if you feel that the limit you have on your inbuilt one is not enough.

Ready to Compare Insurance

Is the cost of CS and Natural Birth the same?

Natural birth costs are lower. CS costs are higher because of the procedure involved and the time spent at the hospital after the procedure. Both are treated as different procedures and attract different costs.

What is a Waiting Period?

The concept of a waiting period arises when a person seeks insurance after falling ill. One of the cardinal principles of insurance is risk. Most insurance companies have different policies relating to the waiting period.

Is Prenatal and Postnatal care covered?

Yes, most insurance companies cover this, but it is important to know exclusions in your policy. For example how many scans you are limited to and also drugs that are not covered.

What are the costs I should expect for Health Insurance with Maternity cover?

Cost differs from company to company. However, with the Afrinsure comparison tool, you can compare Health Insurance plans from different companies and prices. If you encounter any challenges during the process, feel free to contact an Afrinsure agent to get free advice and assistance on your comparison.

Remember to try to enjoy your pregnancy without allowing financial concerns to rob you of your excitement. Let the experts at Afrinsure guide you on your needs.