Terms of Service

The Client
The person requesting quotations or making a request to buy an insurance policy, is expected to have read and accepted the Terms of Service and to have the authority to do so on behalf of the person in whose name the quotation or request to buy a policy is done.

Third Party Service Providers
Afrinsure Insurance Agency Ltd. (referred to as Afrinsure) acts as agent for insurance companies (collectively referred to as ‘Insurance Companie(s)’). Afrinsure represents the Insurance Company as agent only and accordingly accepts no liability for any loss, damage, injury, illness, harm or death which any Client may suffer as a result of any act or omission on the part of or the failure of the Insurance Companie(s) to fulfill their obligations.

The contract in use by the Insurance Companie(s) (which is often constituted by the insurance policy issued by the Insurance Companie(s)), shall constitute the sole contract between the Insurance Companie(s) and the Client and any right of recourse the Client may have, will be solely against the Insurance Companie(s). Afrinsure will provide the identity, terms and conditions of all the Insurance Companie(s) if so requested by the Client relevant to the service being provided for the Client’s insurance. It’s the Client’s responsibility to familiarize themselves with such terms and conditions.

Use of the Website
Afrinsure enables on the website www.afrinsure.com (the ‘Website’) to inquiry regarding a particular insurance policy (the ‘Insurance’). The Website reflects the estimated prices of these Insurance (the ‘Price’). While Afrinsure conducts every effort to reflect accurate Prices on the Website, actual Prices of Insurance Companie(s) may differ from reflected Prices on the Website, due to recent price changes, Client acceptance policies, Afrinsure discounts, or any other reason which might incur price differences.
Afrinsure assumes no duty to you by making this Website available and shall not be responsible for any errors, omissions or defects in that might exist in the website or the consequences of any decisions or actions taken in reliance upon the provided quotation. Afrinsure shall not be liable under any circumstances for lost profits, lost business, loss of business reputation, or any direct, indirect, incidental, special, punitive or consequential damages of any kind, whether foreseeable or not, that result in any way from, or relate in any way to, your use, non-use or reliance on this web site.

Enquiries & Ordering
Once the Client has filled in all applicable fields to initiate an inquiry regarding a particular insurance policy (the ‘Insurance’) on Afrinsures website (‘Website’), or has responded to an advertisement verbally or in writing, via e-mail or the internet or has, without reference to any of the aforesaid, asked for more details over telephone (collectively referred to as ‘the Enquiry’), the Website, or Afrinsure will prepare and provide the Client with an estimated cost of Insurance (online, by e-mail or over telephone) (‘the `Price’). This Price is accepted by the Client when the Client proceeds with the steps as specified on the Website or accepts the Price verbally over the phone or via email. Full payment of the total Price as specified is required in order to confirm the Insurance with Insurance Companie(s). Once the Order request has been completed and the Client has authorized Afrinsure to process the payment, the Client will be supplied with an email that will contain the final details of their Order. Full payment for the Order needs to be made before an insurance certificate or confirmation will be submitted.

Payment and Payment Terms
The full payment is due immediately by Mpesa. The Client is only effectively insured once the full payment has been received by Afrinsure, and subsequently transfered to the Insurance Company.

By using the website and/or Ordering and/or registering at Afrinsure.com you authorize us, our affiliates & our associate partners to store your information in a secured database and contact you via email or phone call or sms and offer you services for the product you have Ordered. This policy does not apply to the practices of Insurance Companie(s), which Afrinsure does not control. The personal data you have provided via the Website will only be used for purposes of providing you an online quotation that will enable you to purchase the Insurance. Your Personal Data will not be disclosed to any parties except to the specific Insurance Company offering the insurance policy which the Client intends to buy. The other exception might occur when Afrinsure is forced to share your information with legal authorities or processes or need to protect our right or comply by terms and conditions.

Law and Jurisdiction
Kenyan law shall be applicable in the interpretation of the terms and conditions.

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