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Are there compelling reasons you should take Third party Fire & Theft insurance?

We highlighted the differences between the types of insurance covers for your car in our overview of types of motor insurance. Here we dive deeper into Third party Fire & Theft insurance.

As the name already indicates, this insurance covers everything under a third party insurance {LINK}, and adds fire and theft to it. In case your car is caught by fire, or your car is stolen, the insurance company will recover the costs. This is based on the car value you have insured, which you have provided when you bought the insurance. In Kenya this policy is offered by Jubilee, Heritage, Madison and Real.

What are the advantages of the Third Party Fire & Theft car insurance cover, and who should choose it?

You want to have a basic cover for total loss of your car
A Third Party insurance only covers the liability towards other persons and his or her car and other properties. If something happens to your car, you have to pay for it yourself. With theft and fire cover you are at least covered for these two events. Theft obviously means a total loss of your car. Fire is also very likely to mean that your car is total loss, or needs a lot of repairs before it will hit the road again. So with theft and fire covered, you are protected against two severe events which will vanish most of your cars value.

Want To Compare Insurance?

You think fire or theft is likely to happen to your car
Insurance is all about risks. If you think that your car is more likely to be stolen, or to caught fire, you might be better of paying a bit more for the additional fire and theft cover compared to the Third Party only insurance.

Compare carefully with Comprehensive insurance
Comprehensive insurance is – as it says – comprehensive. It covers for a lot of events, including small damage, windscreen damage, vandalism, etcetera. You pay for such extensive cover. If your car isn’t that pretty, or you are ok to pay for smaller damage yourself, you might want to consider the Third Party Fire & Theft insurance. Your cover is more basic. However, the pricing difference with comprehensive insurance is not that big. So we advise you to carefully compare the policies and prices and consider whether you want to pay only a bit more to get much more cover with a comprehensive cover. You can find out more at our comparison tool.

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