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While in Kenya Third Party Only insurance is mandatory, many people choose for a Comprehensive cover. While it’s tempting to only buy Third Party Only coverage because it’s much cheaper, we strongly recommend to buy comprehensive if your car is worth more than Ksh 500,000. This is why.

Be insured against most risks
Comprehensive insurance covers almost everything what can happen to you, your car or the damage you do to others. Compared to Third Party and Third Party Fire & Theft, a comprehensive cover includes hazards like windscreen and sunroof damage, medical expenses, damage due to storm, flooding or vandalism. Comprehensive insurance also have a lot of optional items, such as the liability towards passengers, the loss of personal belongings, road rescue, a courtesy car, etc. Some insurance company do include these items without additional charge, while other companies ask for a small additional rate.

No unexpected financial losses
When your car is damaged due to an accident, theft, fire or other cause, you can be sure that the damage will be recovered by your insurance company. Also medical costs, road rescue, towing charges, repair and a courtesy car are covered when you have an accident or get stranded. With comprehensive insurance, you can be assured that you will taken care of by the insurance company and be on the road sooner than later when something happens.

Want To Compare Insurance?

It’s relative cheap!
Compared to other countries, comprehensive motor insurance in Kenya is cheap. The cheapest rate available is 3.5% of the car value. This is low compared to other countries. For example, in Uganda the rates start at 4% and in most European countries it starts with 5% to 6%. So in Kenya you are relative better off with comprehensive insurance.

What does Afrinsure advice?
If your car is worth more than Ksh 500,000, we recommend to take comprehensive insurance. Rates start at 3.5%. This means that without comprehensive insurance, you have to be free of any incident for 28 years. With the traffic situation in Kenya, and especially Nairobi, we don’t think that is realistic. The decision is up to you. Get some help with our comparison tool.

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